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And all of this begs the question...are musicians failed sound engineers?


At 04:23 PM 7/20/01 -0400, you wrote:

** ya know  . . . it was just pointing out the fact that the sound people that are being discussed  - - and dissed - - may be players whose day job is doing sound. someone else called them "failed musicians" and i pointed out that many people here could be considered to be failed by similar criteria.

i have a day job and don't consider failed myself, ya know? so why would i consider ives to be "failed"  - - or mussorgsky, or myriad other people who have had families and day jobs AND did music.

(for that matter, most musicians who play for a living ARE doing a day job, they're not doing THEIR music, they're doing someone else's. some teach or write about music, it's all cool by me.)

the short answer: NO


would you consider Charles Ives a "failed musician" then?

  ** ya know . . . almost everyone on this list
> who has a day job could be considered a
> >  "falied  musician" - - glass houses and all.