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FS: Zoom 508

Hello you Repeater hungry loopers--

I snagged this 4 second delay unit new at Sam Ash but even tho it is cool
enough for the price, I can't wean myself off the EDP (still need a good
second looper tho, unless Harvey Starr has finished the internal sequencer
for the Ztar--I was hoping this one would serve as such, but alas no).  
brand new and battery powered, still got the warrantee card, and I would
like to offer it for sale for what I paid for it, or close!  $50 and you 
the shipping--if you're in LA, come and get it!

Still no word from Denis, I wonder how his out-of-doors experience went.

As far as the "sound man as failed musician" thread, I think a good sound
man is "playing" music the same way a non-instrumentalist using delay lines
is--so it's all music if you think it sounds good!