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hosting looper's delight site?

I should add that I provide completely free domain hosting for a lot 
of artists,
theatrical companies, galleries and musicians.

I need a server for my own purposes and its capacity mainly goes unused.
It lives in a dedicated facility somewhere in NJ, it's a Cobalt RaQ 3 if
that means anything to you... it has the usual array of services
(cgi, many email addresses, even servlets/JSP)

I host over 70 domains right now.  Of course, most of them
get very few hits indeed.

The usual deal is I do it for free as long as you don't get "too many 
(no one has yet hit this number) and a promise of "something" if you
"make it big" (no one has done this EITHER but I do get into a lot of
shows for free).

I don't know how many hits Looper's Delight gets, but it can't be that
many...?  Anyway, I got the impression it's costing someone money
to host it, money that should be spent on gear (or food or whatever...)

The same sort of offer goes for members of the list, if you have
a personal domain or two you want hosted...

CAVEAT: It's all very informal so no guarantees, but in fact
my uptimes have in fact been very good and performance quite


.......all legal games of chess 
.....programmer's documentation