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Re: RC-20 sampler

At 03:42 PM 7/21/01, Fred wrote:
>I have a question regarding the "sound-on-sound" feature of the Boss 
>Would you people know if it's possible to record a phrase and play it 
>than once: say, you play the loop once and you overlay the same loop over 
>pushing the "play" button a bit later.


>If so, how many times could you do this? indefinitely?

In volatile memory it will stay there until you turn the power off or clear
the loop by holding down either one of the footswitches for two seconds.

If it's a 'keeper' that you'll want to use again another day, you can write
the loop to one of the non-volatile storage locations; you can store up to
ten loops and a one-shot for a total of five and a half minutes sample
time. Once they've been written, they'll stay after the power is off
(unless you lose power while recording or playing back a loop; then,
according to the manual, bad things can happen to the stored loops. Hasn't
happened to me yet, but I'm sure it will.)

I'm not all too crazy about the RC-20's interface, but I love the reverse
feature and am especially happy about being able to play long lines into it
without worrying about running out of time. Of course, I'm still using my
short loopers too. (I'm post-processing the SDD-1000 with the new, more
affordably priced Electrix FilterQueen. Yeehaw.)

Now here's a mostly irrelevant (or at least inconsequential) observation
about the RC-20: in early June I was present for the delivery of an RC-20
from the initial batch that was shipped to stores. When the new arrival was
lifted from its box, I distinctly (think I) remember that it was red. A
REAL red, a robust hue, somewhere well within the scarlet/crimson
neighborhood. I got my RC-20 last week, from the next batch. It appears to
come more from the magenta/dark pink part of town. Has anyone else noticed
a color difference between shipments, or is it just my 'magination?


ps: Matt Davignon's comments about me dressing as the ganja fairy
notwithstanding, I'm secure enough in my masculinity to use a pink looping
pedal with impunity...