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Too many loopers, not enough auxes...

I recently added an RC-20 and a creepy little DFX94 to the Headrush and
SDD-1000 I'd already been using. Since my board (a 12 channel Spirit Folio)
only has two aux sends, I've been experimenting with different ways of
connecting it all for maximum versatility.

Right now, the DFX94 is before the board so it can be in series with any of
the others, the SDD-1000 is in one of the auxes and comes back (through a
filter) to its own channel, and the Headrush and the RC-20 share the other
send via an ABY, each returning to its own channel. This way I can have up
to four separate unsynched loops happening simultaneously, each with its
own EQ and fader. With the aux send controls on THOSE channels, it can get
even weirder, routing signals from one looper to another.

I'm still far from sure that it's the best way to connect it all, though.
How have you guys approached using a massed pile of several simple loopers
in combination (as opposed to a more multi-functioned device like the EDP)?