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Re: hosting looper's delight site?

>It gets much bigger when you add in the rest of my internet activities
>and sites that I host, those monthly totals are about 1 million page 
>9 million hits/files, 40GB bandwidth, and about 6GB of disk space.

Yoinks!  That's more than I have for all 70 domains!

>And any of you who have something to advertise, LD is a
>fine place to do it and I'm happy to make some reasonable deal to make it
>work. Could be a product you sell, or your own cd, or something else. The
>whole looping world is watching if you put it on LD!

a big amen to that.

Looper's Delight seems like it'd be an excellent audience...
a lot of committed musicians who spend a lot of money on
things musical.

The offer still holds for individuals who have small domains
they want served, mind you... let me know!


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.....programmer's documentation