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Re: Loopfest NYC update

If it's at the Knit, they charge to make a recording off their board, so be
warned!  This may be true at some other venues I suppose.  No problem if 
want to volunteer to run all performances through your own and sit by it 
whole time (good man!)...

And IMO, nine people doing 20 minute sets sounds like a fine 3 hr. show.
Hopefully the irrepressible Mr. dt can afford us some drawing power...


on 7/22/01 10:26 PM, Tom Ritchford at tom@swirly.com wrote:

> 9. tape it all
> I believe we should get a DAT tape of the whole thing.
> I always bring a DAT machine anyway hooked right to
> the output of my digital board... so we can get anything
> that's not going right to the house mix that way
> by just running a line to/through the board.
> If we do get somewhere with this, we can knock out
> a limited edition CD of it, just for own amusement
> if nothing else.  (My personal goal this year is to
> release a lot of very short run CDs, 100 or 200 copies
> only -- you can get them done in the $5/each range --
> number them uniquely and try to sell them to collectors
> at a reasonable price...)