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Re: Loopfest NYC update

>If it's at the Knit, they charge to make a recording off their board, so 
>warned!  This may be true at some other venues I suppose.  No problem if 
>want to volunteer to run all performances through your own and sit by it 
>whole time (good man!)...

that was absolutely my intention.

DAT tapes are 2 hours long, mind you,
and there can't be any overs because
it's going through the digital board...
so "all" I have to do is to make sure
to switch to a new tape at a certain
pre-arranged point ("right after David plays"),
and we're golden.

my usual mistake is forgetting to turn
the tape on in the first place.

I shan't do that.

>And IMO, nine people doing 20 minute sets sounds like a fine 3 hr. show.
>Hopefully the irrepressible Mr. dt can afford us some drawing power...

nine people, three hours, that sounds like a plan.

however, the logistics will be tricky.

my setup has quite a few cables and boxes and
takes some little time.  Yours, David, is
similarly complex.  I'm sure that this is
true of other people.

There is the possibility of having to debug
one or more setups that aren't functioning right.

The audience can't have to wait for any of
the setup time but there isn't going to be
room to have all 9 rigs set up before the show...

Careful use of artists who are DJs or who have a simple
setup, and perhaps preparing offstage and wheeling
in a setup after a set...  that sort of thing.

This can all be made very easy IF we plan it in advance.
We'll do that once we have the lineup down.


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