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Re: Loopers T-shirts

Title: Re: Loopers T-shirts
on 7/24/01 12:10 AM, Michael LaMeyer at mlameyer@rcn.com wrote:

OK, first, foremost, and principle request:

<special important request>

The back of t-shirt should say "UNSUBSCRIBE" in big bold
letters.  Well, reasonably big.

Absolutely.  Major importance.

</special important request>

K, lesse ....

I think a moebius strip somewhere on the front would be
appropriate.  Or incorporated in the design somehow.  It could
be cheesy, it could be cool, I think it's all in the execution

I love the website's banner and think it would be great on the front.

BTW, I do not wear any T shirts which are not black, for any reason...