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Re: Loopers T-shirts

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, David Myers wrote:

> > on 7/24/01 12:10 AM, Michael LaMeyer at mlameyer@rcn.com wrote:
> I think a moebius strip somewhere on the front would be
> appropriate.  Or incorporated in the design somehow.  It could
> be cheesy, it could be cool, I think it's all in the execution
> ...
> I love the website's banner and think it would be great on the front.
> BTW, I do not wear any T shirts which are not black, for any reason...

Funny, I don't wear any T-shirts that *are* black, for any reason. :)

Seriously, though, I love both ideas.  I'm thinking of a cool small mobius 
design on the front breast, with the web page logo across the back at 
shoulder blade level.  Then any witty slogans anyone comes up with can go 
under that at mid back.

Just my two cents,