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Re: OT: why musicians can't eat -- and why radio is so bad

Oh, don't get me wrong, my faith in most humans is very low.  I know the
majority of people could care less about what they listen too.  I just 
that it would be more balanced if there was more of a choice available.  
people don't have the cash to just go into a record store and buy random 
Most record stores won't carry too many albums from non established 
anyway, so even if there was... (Oh how I love Ameoba Records in Berkeley!
Huge experimental section!)

I also want to clarify, that I'm not even talking about bands like King
Crimson. (although early MTV used to have the Lark's Tongue in Aspic video 
it's rotation.  Can you believe it?)  I'm talking 'bout POP music.  I LOVE
good pop from time to time.  I just can't seem to find much.  I loved
Radiohead's Kid A album, but I've never heard a cut from that album on the
radio.  A review I read said it was horrible.  Will they try and release
another more experimental album?  I hope so.  The fact that Beck albums 
it into the top 40 leads me to believe that people will buy stuff that's 
"out there" if they're aware of it.

Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:

> sine@zerocrossing.net writes:
> >I have faith that people can make their own choices.
> interesting comment, given that there're already **all** kindsa myriad
> avenues lined/caked/soaked w/'good' music (-that which is outside the
> 'mainstream'-) that folks do not seem inclined to 'seek out'.
> eh?
> to some degree:
> people chose milosevic. people chose hitler. people chose jim jones. 
> chose, well..... you probably follow my line (via these rather extreme
> examples) by now.
> best,
> dt / s-c