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Re: OT: why musicians can't eat -- and why radio is so bad

<Hedewa7@aol.com> put forth:

> sine@zerocrossing.net writes:
> >I have faith that people can make their own choices.
> interesting comment, given that there're already **all** kindsa myriad
> avenues lined/caked/soaked w/'good' music (-that which is outside the
> 'mainstream'-) that folks do not seem inclined to 'seek out'.
> eh?
> to some degree:
> people chose milosevic. people chose hitler. people chose jim jones.
> chose, well..... you probably follow my line (via these rather extreme
> examples) by now.

What?  Choice is bad, David?  Someone chooses YOUR work, and I suppose to
you that's not bad.  I would rather people have a choice, and exercise the
wetware between their ears, whether it's for their own good or otherwise.
There are indeed truly Bad things, like Genocide, Heroin, $cientology, 
or Spouse Abuse, and Aggressive Warlordism; but I think that such things 
the exception to the rule, as I believe that people, left to their own
devices (as opposed to GroupThink activities like mob action, persuasive
marketing, and so forth) can do really great and nice things, to the effect
of everyone's benefit.  I tend not to be disappointed by too many in this
regard - with the exception of not being able to find work in the UK IT
market... :)

Stephen Goodman
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