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Re: Check out my loopers Shirt Design

What about something like:

|: loopers'delight :|


|: unsubscribe :|

I like like the idea of incorporating something that
indicates that looping is a musical activity....that
might elicit a question or two from other musicians or
music lovers, rather than giving off a "i'm a net
geek, and you don't have a clue, thank you very much"

In general, I like the idea of the shirt's emphasis
being weighted towards looping itself, rather than the
list, per se.  Not that it isn't the gods' give to
loopers, but I'm on the list because I loop, I don't
loop because I'm on the list.

I think i need another cup of coffee.


--- Christopher White <magicicada@charter.net> wrote:
> I went for a simple design-to the point and what I
> think
> of as being classy(for a tshirtthat is::haha::)
> Don't tell my boss I did this at work.
> c.white
> http://www.magicicada.com/ldshirt.htm

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