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Lexicon Core 2

        Hi all,

        I recently bought and installed the above-mentioned sound card, 
and am
having some problems with pops and clicks in the recorded tracks.  The
troubleshooting section of the (altogether too thin) manual lists video
cards (specifically PCI ones) several times as the possible cause of this.
I have a Voodoo 4 4500 PCI card installed, so this is entirely possible.
However, I disabled the hardware graphics acceleration, as suggested by the
manual, but to no avail.  Anyone know of a possible solution, aside from
removing the Voodoo card?  I like to play Quake when I'm not recording.  ;)

        Other tech specs:

        433Mhz Celeron processor
        256Mb RAM
        15Gb hard drive
        ISA ethernet card
        cable modem


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