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Re: OT: why musicians can't eat -- and why radio is so bad

"Liebig, Steuart A." wrote:

> (Oh how I love Ameoba Records in Berkeley!
> Huge experimental section!)
> ** an amoeba will be opening in hollywood ,ca, this fall.


> I loved
> Radiohead's Kid A album, but I've never heard a cut from that album on
> the
> radio.
> ** kroq in l.a. played one song and continues to play it.

since they're on the cover of rolling stone, it would appear they're
doing ok with it all (depends on your perspective tho i suppose); not
listening to kroq these days (check that- decades!)-i heard lots of kid
a on both kxlu and kcrw (it seemed maybe too pop for kxlu and too out
for kcrw, but that's to be expected in this fractured town). if i only
had my own radio station...actually, an installation artist i know has
been trying to set up his own pirate station for a while now...i'll have
to check in w/ him- it was going to be called wcry or sumthin', and
broadcasts would consist entirely of  of field recordings he's made of
kids crying in places like walmart. tune in for some real pain!

> A review I read said it was horrible.  Will they try and release
> another more experimental album?
> ** amnesia got a lot of nice press here . . . the "warmer side of kid
> a" blah, blah blah. maybe that just means that the crit caught up to
> it a little.
> I hope so.  The fact that Beck albums make
> it into the top 40 leads me to believe that people will buy stuff
> that's more
> "out there" if they're aware of it.
> ** or bjork, for that matter.
> stig