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Another Vortex Problem

I address this one to all the Vortex users, but particularly the guy who
loved BLEEN 2 so much. Checked it out last night... OK I remember this
patch now... BUT for some reason the sound on this patch had infinate
feedback that built up and up until I had to change patches before my
speakers fluttered across the room! The "feedback controls" were NO WHERE
NEAR full on tho!!! I whatever changes I made, made NO difference. The only
thing I noticed (that finally fixed the prob) was that my input was a tiny
teeny bit hot and high, going red a little. Whn I backed this off it was
OK... Why would this be? Why would it affect the feedback on the delay???
Is this normal? DO I have a problem? or do I just have to be more carefull
with my levels...

MAr Francombe Red