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Re: Another Vortex Problem

On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, mark.red@involvelearning.com wrote:
> I address this one to all the Vortex users, but particularly the guy who
> loved BLEEN 2 so much. Checked it out last night... OK I remember this
> patch now... BUT for some reason the sound on this patch had infinate
> feedback that built up and up until I had to change patches before my
> speakers fluttered across the room! The "feedback controls" were NO WHERE
> NEAR full on tho!!! I whatever changes I made, made NO difference. The 
> thing I noticed (that finally fixed the prob) was that my input was a 
> teeny bit hot and high, going red a little. Whn I backed this off it was
> OK... Why would this be? Why would it affect the feedback on the delay???
> Is this normal? DO I have a problem? or do I just have to be more 
> with my levels...
> MAr Francombe Red

Keep in mind that all of the Vortex's effects are in some way controlled 
an envelope follower.  In the case of Bleen B, the envelope controls some 
sort of amplitude modulation on the feedback of the echoes.  While running 
hot wouldn't increase the amount of feedback, I could see it amplifying 
what's already there and then going nuts in a feedback loop as the 
signal is sent right back into the delays.

Check out www.lexicon.com and search for Vortex.  You'll find the Vortex 
User's Guide (aka the manual) there in pdf format.  It contains all the 
schematics of the effects and gives you lots of info on how they're set up.

Have fun. :)
Todd Pafford