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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #398

John Tidwell wrote:
"OK, I'm the 1st to admit that I'm a natural born fool
& oft time asshole, but am I the only one who thinks
it's a hoot that someone who is bothered by the name
"JamMan" can make such casual assumptions about the
"flesh tones" of the looping community?

I remember when PC meant "Public Convenience".

Ouch, touche!!!!    Actually, my tongue has been planted firmly in my cheek
during this whole missive about PC things.  I actually feel rather
oppressed by the whole phenomenan.  At the same time,  I've felt bad for 
very few women (regrettably) on our list who have had to endure
the "Jamman" moniker,

Viz a vis, the flesh tone comments.  Assuming that you are black, brown
or red skinned I am really sorry about my comments if they seemed
insensitive or non-inclusive.  If you are, indeed, flesh colored, I'll
assume you just couldn't resist a put down.  Too bad, I intended my 
in the lightest and most humurous of ways.  Sorry you took it seriously.

Rick Walker