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Re:Hi Rick!

--- "Rick Walker (loop.pool)" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com>
> Ouch, touche!!!!    Actually, my tongue has been
> planted firmly in my cheek
> during this whole missive about PC things.

I know the name bothers you because you've written
about it before. I think it was the timing of your 2
posts, more than anything, that struck me as being
funny. I just happened to be on the computer when
they fell into my inbox back to back.

> I actually feel rather
> oppressed by the whole phenomenan.  At the same
> time,  I've felt bad for the
> very few women (regrettably) on our list who have
> had to endure
> the "Jamman" moniker,

But Rick, you shouldn't feel bad. If you want to hate
the name because it's a sucky name, well, OK then.
But to waste time worrying about the poor women who
have to "endure" it is something else. Women are only
that dainty in the imaginations of men. God knows,
I've had my ass turned inside out by a few of them.

> Viz a vis, the flesh tone comments.  Assuming that
> you are black, brown
> or red skinned I am really sorry about my comments
> if they seemed
> insensitive or non-inclusive.

So I only get an apology if I'm not white? You've
got me laughing again. Relax dude. You don't owe me
an apology, no matter what color I am.

> If you are, indeed,
> flesh colored,

Don't we all have flesh? Aren't we all colored?

> I'll
> assume you just couldn't resist a put down.

I intended it as a humorous observation. I do
to anyone who perceived it as a put down. No matter
what color you are.

> Too
> bad, I intended my comments
> in the lightest and most humurous of ways.

Me too!

> Sorry
> you took it seriously.

I didn't.

> Rick Walker


John Tidwell

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