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OT- 5.1 or DTS recording

hiya all,
        off topic I know but hey that never seems to be an issue here ....
In this vast array of musicians has anyone recorded in DTS audio yet ? A 
weeks ago there was a thread discussing 'octophonic' recording where 5.1
digital surround was discussed but no mention of DTS. I am a film fanatic
(when I'm not playing guitar) and enjoy a pretty good home cinema setup. I
have DTS decoders and until last week though this was fantastic for
films.... then I found a DTS audio disk of The Police. Now I like the 
... not a huge fan but it's easy listening compared to what I would usually
listen to... BUT OMG it is fantastic .... the clarity of sound and
separation of instruments is awesome. Think of your favourite all time 
track ... well, you know how the hairs on the back of your neck stand up
when you hear it ? It had that effect on me immediately and continually 
since. If you have not yet experienced this I urge you to visit your local
Home Cinema specialist and ask for a demo of a DTS audio recording - it 
cost you nothing and I guarantee you will be impressed. 
        Since then I have done a little research in this area as I would
like to produce some of my recordings in DTS format. I have found some
software which will take six digital audio tracks (Left front, left right,
centre, rear left, rear right and sub-bass) and produces a DTS disk image
which when recorded to CDR media can be inserted into a DVD player and so
long as a DTS decoder is present in the setup you will hear it in full
'certified' DTS. (The process for techies is called DTS encoding) I know
this will take a time to prepare the digital audio tracks initially but the
software I have seen is relatively cheap (it's called SurCode CD
Professional software encoder for DTS Digital Surround) at $499 
Url for anyone else interested is:
Does anyone out there already use this ? If so how about a quick review 
your perspective ?
I would also be interested in any info anyone has on recordings of this
Many thanks
Love this list ... I find daily gems of information here 
Glyn 'my company has the longest disclaimer in the world ever...' Merga

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