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Re: rack to floor cables??

>I have been thinking of making a big fat multicore cable
>to connect my rack of er... stuff to all the misc pedals on the floor (a
>good 20 minutes it take to plug in at soundcheck, by which time... there
>isnt any!!!) Has anyone done this and found a good connector. It need to
>take 6 audio/2midi/and various (8) stereo cable pedals (like the vortex
>ones). I'm thinking of a big old metal box on the rack and a big old metal
>box on the floorboard... could I use a mixing desk multicore cable....
>Just wanted other peoples solutions... (When is stuff gonna be 

my experience is that there is no need for separate shielding as long 
as there ar no high impedance signals (direct guitar out, guitar 
volume pedal...).
The MIDI signal tends to interfere, though. At least it needs its own 
shielding and probably its own ground wiring, too.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org