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RE: (NEW) rack to floor cables??

Exactly what I do...they sell 1" and 1.5" flexable tubing here at Home
Depot for like $3 for 6 feet. In the 1" tubing you can fit about 8
standard width 1/4" cables. One of these tubes goes to my mixer, the
other to my pedalboard. And it looks pretty sci-fi. 

Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices


I use this black plastic tubing and wire wraps to do this. THe tubing is
kind of like washing machine tubing , a little mroe flexible than pvc
platic pipe. Works great until you have a cable go bad or you change
your setup and need to add or remove some wires or you need an etrax 2
ft on some o the cables. I also try to seperate the power form the audio
cables when i can but it's no big deal.Create a patchbay type hook up on
your pedalboard and on your rack , I just stuff the cable into my rack
still attached at one end.works ok....

denis taaffe

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At 8:52 AM +0200 7/26/01, mark.red@involvelearning.com wrote:

>On another issue: I have been thinking of making a big fat multicore 
>cable to connect my rack of er..