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Re: reaching folks

** i think that the biggest boon that the internet holds for the 
"creative" musician is the opportunity to network with other like-minded 
folk, plan and book gig or rehearsal activities for projects, or research 
other like-minded folks' music, etc. 
>> i'm not really convinced that it holds much more for us than would a 
>record store in terms of reaching people who haven't heard what it is we 
>*do* - - people who don't already have experience with experimental music 
>(or what ever you wanna call it). i say this because people have to WANT 
>to find something and actively search it out - - and i'm not really sure 
>how that's gonna happen unless they're already interested. if someone 
>could explain why i'm wrong about this, it would help me to be more 
>optimistic about the 'net as the "salvation" of "creative" music.  

I think my comment regarding the net was that I as a musician am able to 
conspire with people around the world about venues, schedules, etc. I 
would never have met most of you had I not found you here. This has 
greatly increased my chances of working among a real 'community' rather 
than feeling that I have no kindred spirits out there. My personal 
experience is that I've been VERY positively encouraged that what I do 
means something. I'm extremely grateful for this... (another thanks to Kim 
as well!)

For the average music-seeking public, (and myself)... Access to MP3 and 
Real Audio has really helped me to sample before I buy. I know there are 
listening kiosks at most major retailers now, but the range you can find 
on the internet is so much greater. Hell... I can listen to a large number 
of our own members! Over on Live365 there's loads of experimental radion 
stations... as well as CryptoRadio... which is a label you're on if I'm 
not mistaken? (I know there's many of your cohorts there...)
> No, I think you're right--but people get to make up their own minds-- 
>The question is how to reach folks without going door to door--seems like 
>the 'net is just the ticket. Gary 
Ditto... It may not grow you as fast as having a distribution deal, but 
the community is priceless.