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RE: reaching folks

Title: RE: reaching folks

Miko said ...
I think my comment regarding the net was that I as a musician am able to conspire with people around the world about venues, schedules, etc. I would never have met most of you had I not found you here. This has greatly increased my chances of working among a real 'community' rather than feeling that I have no kindred spirits out there. My personal experience is that I've been VERY positively encouraged that what I do means something. I'm extremely grateful for this... (another thanks to Kim as well!)

** i think the 'net is extremely valuable for this.

For the average music-seeking public, (and myself)... Access to MP3 and Real Audio has really helped me to sample before I buy. I know there are listening kiosks at most major retailers now, but the range you can find on the internet is so much greater. Hell... I can listen to a large number of our own members! Over on Live365 there's loads of experimental radion stations...

** okay, see this is where i see all of the resources and oportunities and "virtual venues" (or what ever ya wanna call 'em), but i'm not sure how people FIND that stuff unless they're freaks like us and already know they wanna find it . . . it's great they can download mp3s and all, but how do they arrive at finding YOURS? please guide me to an understanding of how this happens.

as well as CryptoRadio... which is a label you're on if I'm not mistaken? (I know there's many of your cohorts there...)

** yeah my new cd (pomegranate, 31 july street date, with m. dresser, t. varner, v. golia and n. cline) is on cryptogramophone.


Ditto... It may not grow you as fast as having a distribution deal, but the community is priceless.

** i think it has a lot of potential, but mostly i see it as a great arena for exchanging ideas and so forth.