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Re: guitar arpeggiator

>> I am looking for a good arpeggiator effect for my loops, which I can 
>use for guitar (not MIDI).  Any advice?

>>> tao@ns.ahoc.net 07/26/01 04:30PM >>>
>> I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Digitech DHP-33. It does that hip 
>techno arpeggiator thing that is so popular with the young 'uns these 
>daze. It sounds good, each note of the arpeggiator is programmable and I 
>believe you can even MIDI sync the tempo, but don't quote me on that.

I second that opinion. I had the IPS33b which was it's predecessor. This 
sounds like the same function... maybe they improved it on the DHP. You 
could created user patterns, so it was very flexible... I'd have an 
expression pedal control the mix, and just pedal in madness when I needed 
madness... Good fun!

Another thing I liked about the IPS was that for ANY delay, you had a 
modulation section in stereo which had sine and square waves... (maybe 
more, but I'm going senile and don't have the box anymore.) I really had 
some good times with that thing. The pitch shifting was inside the 
feedback path so it did all the usual cascading and transposing around as 
well. I'll bet they're quite cheap now as well. Hell... I'm gonna go look!