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Creating a venue

> Often the 'venue' has been 'created' by enterprising folks renting a 
> studio, gallery or some other type of space because there's no real clubs
> booking this kind of stuff.

This is so true.  If you can't find somewhere appropriate to play your 
(and if you're reading this, you probably can't), making that place 
is often the only option.  I think experimental musicians would do well to
borrow the "house concert" idea from the folk world.  In addition to the
electronic, loopy Electrochakra, I also play in an acoustic guitar trio 
Steve Ball Roadshow).  Recently we played at a house concert here in
Seattle, and it was an ideal performance situation as far as I'm
concerned--playing for between 30 and 50 people who have come to listen
attentively to music, in a friendly, good-sounding space (large living
room/dining room area of the host) organized by a sympathetic individual 
is in it for their love of music (100% of the earnings go to the 
No fighting the sound of a coffee steamer, no noisy bar, no muted
televisions with sports above your head, plenty of soundcheck time, etc,
etc.  The audience is asked to donate money (important to get around those
non-commercial zoning regulations), averaging $10 apiece.  We took home 
and sold a bunch of CDs, and had the pleasure of playing to a Listening
Audience.  It doesn't get better than that.

Normally, these sorts of shows are the province of acoustic/folk-oriented
acts, but I know there's a number of solo or small ensembles on this list
who could conceivable perform in someone's house (probably helps to not 
acoustic drums) in a house concert type setting.  If you're curious, I'd
encourage you to check out:


and look at the FAQ on house concerts.  It's obvious from the response to
the Knitting Factory show that there a lot of people itching to play who
lack an appropriate venue.  Consider jumping out of the bars and into the
living rooms.


Electrochakra website: http://www.electrochakra.com