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Re: viability of new art music (reaching folks)

In a message dated 7/26/01 8:24:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
zvonar@zvonar.com writes:

Is this
collateral damage from the overall dumbing down of American culture,
or is it a case of a finite listening audience being spread thinner
by an increase in do-it-yourself electronic music and the
availability of downloadable music.

richard.....i believe it is the latter although americans are getting not
only dumber but also fatter (i am afraid they have dropped a fat bomb on
pittsburgh).....i find that a lot of time i.e. sitting here reading all these
posts, i dont listen to music, i take a break and play for a bit and make
noise and then its back to silence.....if i listen to anything, i listen to
music that i have done in order to make the *final* cd or i listen to music
created by folk on the list or stuff of that ilk.....the only "new" music i
really hear is music in films or commercials.....over the past several years,
i have bought only 2 cds at a store; the hellcaster's "escape from hollywood"
and d.t.'s "oah", everything else i got off the "internet".....yipes, i
almost forgot, at work i listen to wduq which is an npr station at duquesne
university and they play jazz all the time and to tell the truth, i luvs the
old chestnuts and i sing the words when i know them and i whistle impov
(there ya go rick, maybe im not so nasty after all) along with all those
crazy jazzbos (gender?) perhaps jazzbas, well them too by all means.....you
might call some of what i play as "new art music" and i feel the best way to
reach people is to play out.....i think that it always comes down to the
individual, its the old "how do we make the world better?" by my striving to
be a bit more *better*, i sure as hell am not waiting for society (radio
stations) to do it.....:)m