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Re: Sustaining Device (OT)

At 10:08 AM 7/28/01 -0400, DLM wrote:
>I agree with Matthias.  (re: the DF-2 pedal)

Me too.

Really, if you want to get controllable feedback (without paintpeeling
volume, I'd assume) make sure that your amp is positioned somewhat close to
your right kidney/elbow/buttock area and that your gain device (overdrive,
distortion, fuzz, whatever) is suitably tweakable to find that magic spot
that resonates with your guitar. The guitar itself will have a lot to do
with it; obviously a 335 or a light, hollow jazz box will feed back almost
automatically, but different solidbodies will respond very differently with
different amps due to differences in wood density and resonance.
Lighter-weight solidbodies usually work better for controllable feedback,
IMO. I have an old beat up strat that has a crack all the way through the
body that feeds back perfectly through my '59 Gibson Ranger amp, yet my
tele requires a lot more volume as it's solid maple and weighs about twice
as much. My Steinberger is about midway between the two in terms of
resonance; of course there's a considerable difference in the tone because
of different overtones being emphasized.

Unfortunately there's no effects box that'll provide a total solution to
your feedback needs by itself; it's more a combination of your whole setup
working in synergy coupled with the technique you'll develop in knowing the
quirks of your gear intimately, particularly in being able to predict the
way it'll respond in different acoustic contexts (outdoors, weirdly shaped
rooms, low ceilinged clubs, in the presence of live/dead reflective
surfaces, etc.).  Experiment. Try all of your guitars, maybe borrow a few
to see what works best for you.


ps: if none of that works, split your signal into a Smokey amp and hold
that over your pickups!