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[OT] Noise interference problem

I just moved for a cabin in the woods and installed my studio there. 
Everything works fine, except that when I plug an electric guitar (or 
bass) I get regular clicks, spaced approximately at 55bpm. I get those 
clicks regardless or where I plug the guitar (guitar pre-amp -Roland 
GP-100-, mixing board -Rane SM82-, direct into the EDPs, or directly 
into my audio card -a Metric Halo ULN-2).
The rest of my equipment works as it did in NYC, the sound is clean, I 
can record with mikes (phantom powered or not) and I do not get those 
clicks (I can still record acoustic guitars…).
I removed the fuses for everything except the outlet I'm plugged in to 
no avail, I tried other AC outlets in the house with the same results, 
disconnected every electric gear included fridge, water heater and so 
on to no avail.
All my gear goes through a power conditioner (I also tried without the 
power conditioner), every connection is balanced when it needs to be 
and so forth.
I'm at loss here.
Any help and/or tips would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I missed 
something basic.
Thanks in advance,