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RE: livelooping.iuma.com

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> From: | SquidLoop | [mailto:squidloop@thetentacle.org] 
> Is it still Live Looping once it's recorded :)

He, he... That's very interesting. Maybe you should call it "canned live
looping" ;-D  Anyway, that's the classic problem with all improvised
music - it's only hot the moment it's getting born. If it's a recording
"the real thing" has already happened and if you are a puritan you
should now call it "a recording of a musical improvisation" and not
"improvised music". But anyway, who cares? Everyone has his own way to
look at this. I went to a concert the other day and one "Freely
Improvising Band" actually announced their pieces as "compositions".
Guess they were not puritans ;-)

Best wishes

Per Boysen
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---> www.looproom.com
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