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RE: [OT] Noise interference problem

Good point; a bad cord could be picking up something.

My first suspect wouldn't have been the cord or the
guitar because he said it was a *steady* clicking (55
bpm, was it?), but either one could be, as he wrote,
acting as an antenna of some sort.

Another (remotish) possibility: the setup doesn't
include anything that has an onboard metronome, does
it? (Tht's probably NOT it, because other instruments
would do it too.) I once had an obnoxious click show
up for the first few minutes of a sound check when I
set up my rig, and it turned out that the 'Guide' knob
on my RC-20 had gotten bumped... I never use the
metronome, so it didn't immediately jump out at me
that that's what it was.


--- SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:
> Hang on a minute, no one's suggested trying a
> different lead.

> > >the click appears only when I plug 
> >  > a guitar (volume turned up) on any component.

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