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Re: looping up the wall...

Well, it would stand to reason that if you're in overdub with a low 
feedback, you'll never realize it's drifting because the original is 
gone replaced by the new.  If you play the new in sync, it will 
effectively be in sync.  No?

This is the way Matthias explained it to me.  This is why I've always 
liked the Repeater.  Stays in sync and gets your whites whiter.

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, August 1, 2003, at 04:39 PM, Hans Lindauer wrote:

> Getting angry won't help.
> I've been slaving my EDP to MIDI sync exclusively for the past few 
> years, with no trouble.  Jon makes a good point - are you leaving 
> overdub open for long periods of time?
> I don't quite remember the details regarding endless overdubs (I 
> generally only overdub short passages), but I do remember hearing that 
> in Loop mode you need to take it out of overdub periodically.  Maybe 
> in Delay mode you don't (?) - I can't quite remember.
> You just need to punch out and then back into overdub during a silent 
> part, every so often.
> Breathe deeply,
> -Hans
> At 16:08 01/08/2003, you wrote:
>> > I only use sync out - BUT I remember some mumbo-jumbo a while back 
>> about
>> how
>> > the EDP doesn't actively sync while overdubbing past the loop point 
>> or
>> > certain other special cases (certain feedback settings) - because 
>> the way
>> it
>> > syncs to incoming clock is by adding or omitting +/- 50msec of 
>> audio at
>> the
>> > loop point rather than time stretching the audio which it can't 
>> really do
>> > anyway.  I think the idea is so that your overdub isn't polluted at 
>> the
>> loop
>> > point due to a sync action.
>> That makes sense.
>> However, it means that midi synch is totally useless, and I've 
>> managed to
>> waste a great deal of time over the last couple of years trying to 
>> get the
>> box to work and blaming myself, my cables and everything else.
>> I'm in a really, really bad mood.
>> bIz