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Re: Foot Controllers


first of all, i'll be glad to help you out one-on-one as much as i can.  
fairly good with midi, though no expert.  you can email me privately if
you'd like.

if you're going to want to control all of your gear, i would suggest 
one of the big boys (rocktron all access, cae rs10, skydstrup (sp?), etc.).
the fcb is good for the money, but i fear you'll run into limitations on
down the road.  i use mine minimally...for the main control, the all access
handles it well.

another thing: to address the midiot issue, i would pick up a beginner
and/or intermediate book on general midi (how it came about, it's design 
intentions, application, how it works on a technical level, etc.) which 
give you a good foundation.  i borrowed a friend's book from a midi class 
took and read it before i started buying.  a good book on the issue will
help you in all-things-midi, not just footcontrollers, which are easily 
one of the many wonderful applications of midi.

let me know if i can help.  good call on the GL...you're gonna love it.  if
you have any problems with that, ken is always very good about coming forth
with help and tips.  i have some general tips too...