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Re: looping up the wall...

Getting angry won't help.

I've been slaving my EDP to MIDI sync exclusively for the past few years, 
with no trouble.  Jon makes a good point - are you leaving overdub open 
long periods of time?

I don't quite remember the details regarding endless overdubs (I generally 
only overdub short passages), but I do remember hearing that in Loop mode 
you need to take it out of overdub periodically.  Maybe in Delay mode you 
don't (?) - I can't quite remember.

You just need to punch out and then back into overdub during a silent 
every so often.

Breathe deeply,


At 16:08 01/08/2003, you wrote:

> > I only use sync out - BUT I remember some mumbo-jumbo a while back 
> > the EDP doesn't actively sync while overdubbing past the loop point or
> > certain other special cases (certain feedback settings) - because the 
> > syncs to incoming clock is by adding or omitting +/- 50msec of audio at
> > loop point rather than time stretching the audio which it can't really 
> > anyway.  I think the idea is so that your overdub isn't polluted at the
> > point due to a sync action.
>That makes sense.
>However, it means that midi synch is totally useless, and I've managed to
>waste a great deal of time over the last couple of years trying to get the
>box to work and blaming myself, my cables and everything else.
>I'm in a really, really bad mood.