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FS:Kaoss Pad, AirFX, Aphex, F2-B ...

Hi again!

here it goes, all what i'm not using regularly.
all equipment is in good condition:

* Kaoss Pad, effects processor
* Alesis AirFX, ef. processor
* APHEX Aural Exciter TypeC2
* Alembic F2-B stereo tube preamp
* Oberheim Matrix1000 analog synth
* Roland SPD-6 percussion pad

I'll include my previous list.
Just posted here also.

>*Roland GP-100 Preamp/Multieffects.
>*Alesis Quadraverb2 Dual Effects Processor.
>*Alesis QSR Synth (with: Vintage Keyboards,Vintage Synths,Eurodance 
>*Yamaha SU-700 Sampler (20MB Expanded memory).

Just time to concentrate on my Warr...
Accepting offers, since I don't know how much to ask.
I'm located in Spain, but would send them out Europe as well.
I've posted this message exclusively here.


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