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Re: [OT] Noise interference problem

Once, before a gig, I was playing around with a "Sample/Play" patch 
that recorded the first bit of audio it detected and then played it 
back with any subsequent audio input.  See where this is going?  The 
next day I packed up my gear and set it up at the cafe, ready to play.  
Only I kept hearing a weird click/pop when ever I played a note!  DROVE 
ME CRAZY.  I tore my rig apart trying to find the gremlin.  Finally, I 
looked at the multieffects processor and realized it has sampled me 
plugging in my guitar and was now playing that sound back to me with 
ever note.

Moral?  None really.  Good luck with your audio gremlin!

Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, August 2, 2003, at 06:42 AM, Laurent Brondel wrote:

>> From: Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com>
>> Date: Fri Aug 1, 2003  4:25:27  PM US/Eastern
>> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>> Subject: RE: [OT] Noise interference problem
>> Laurent wrote:
>>> the click appears only when I plug
>>> a guitar (volume turned up) on any component.
>> Have you tried it with more than one guitar? If it
>> does it with that one but not others, I'd look at
>> shielding. If it does it with ANY guitar, the problem
>> is more likely either downstream or maybe a dirty
>> power issue.
>> -t-
> Yes I tried with all my electric guitars and basses, but they're all 
> passive designs (vintage…). I do not have an EMG-type active guitar to 
> try here. Never had a problem with my guitars before, outside of the 
> habitual single-coil hum. What are the solutions for a "dirty power" 
> issue?
> Thank you,
> Laurent