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Re: [OT] Noise interference problem

>Sounds a bit like your amps might be going into thermal shutdown.

Needless to say, this doesn't sound good! lol

>If you're not overloading it by signal,

well, that's the odd thing--at least to me. If I plug straight into 
my amps, there's no problem. When I run through all my gear--problem.

>  other potential sources of overload are hum, a DC offset problem 
>(if DC coupled), or (inaudible) excessive RF interference coupling 
>into the amp. Neither of these are necessarily solved by a supply 
>filter such as the Furman.

Now I'm in over my head for sure, which was why I called Furman in 
the first place. I may take your comments and run them by the guy I 
talked to, just to see what he says. He was pretty thorough in his 
explanation to me previously, but I didn't hit him with the scenarios 
you are proposing either.

>  It would take some investigation if it's not simply a matter of 
>trimming down your average power level.

Call an electrician in other words?

Thanks for your help,