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--- Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> The vocalist I work with was looking for a cool
> little effects box and 
> I almost recommended this... but then I realized
> it's line level only.  
> ...
> She could  hook it up into the effects loop of her
>little Behringer mixer, but 
> she's kind of a newbie to electronics so I'm
> guessing the simpler the better.

I'm in a similar situation: the vocalist for whom I've
been building a rack wants to have her cake and be
munching on it at the same time as far as 1)
simplicity/ease of use and setup/not having to program
anything AND 2) having *lots* of different sounds and
functionality at her finger- and foot-tips.

So, her setup has been evolving over the past few
weeks. Right now her signal chain goes thusly: Shure
SM-58 -> Behringer Shark feedback
suppressor/compressor -> Digitech Vocalist II
harmonizer -> Fostex DE-1 (used as two separate mono
fx; pitchshifter into pre-looper reverb) -> Behringer
KX-1200 keyboard amp -> [fx send] Bespeco volume pedal
-> DOD DFX-94 for short loops -> Line 6 Echo Pro for
longer loops -> Alesis MidiVerb II (for post-looper
reverb) -> [fx return].

The EchoPro is controlled by a MidiBuddy, the Vocalist
by an FS300. The keyboard amp (120 watts, 3-way)
serves as her monitor, and has a line out so the house
feed has exactly the loop/fx balance she's hearing. It
also has 3 other channels (all of which have an fx
send) so she can plug in and loop her tanpura,
electric autoharp, field recordings, etc. if she so
desires. She's rapidly getting the hang of the system
and having a lot of fun. Now she's even talking about
commandeering my SR-16 drum machine that I don't use
and teaching herself to program it in all of the odd
time signatures that she likes.

But anyway, the reason I've mentioned all this in
reply to your observation about the Ineko being line
level is because as long as there's something at the
beginning of the chain that will convert your
vocalist's signal to line level, you can use a line
level device. I know *you* know that, Mark. But two
weeks ago, my vocalist, like yours, didn't *want* to
know about any sort of complicated signal path, and
now look at her go! I've created a monster! It's a
beautiful thing...


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