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On Monday, August 4, 2003, at 12:33  PM, Tim Nelson wrote:
> But anyway, the reason I've mentioned all this in
> reply to your observation about the Ineko being line
> level is because as long as there's something at the
> beginning of the chain that will convert your
> vocalist's signal to line level, you can use a line
> level device. I know *you* know that, Mark. But two
> weeks ago, my vocalist, like yours, didn't *want* to
> know about any sort of complicated signal path, and
> now look at her go! I've created a monster! It's a
> beautiful thing...

That's a beautiful story Tim.  Other issues I'm up against is that the 
women I'm playing with spends every extra cent on her Burningman camp, 
so there's pretty much zero left.  A long time ago I did a moratorium 
on lending people gear to use as I always find that it ends badly.  For 
example, lending someone a KAOSS pad that doesn't have experience with 
it ends in a lot of distortion and feedback.  One thing people don't 
often understand is that anything you put in line with your instrument 
(whether it be voice or tuba) ends up being part of your instrument.  
Some one who is used to singing with a piano at a jazz bar is going to 
have a tough time wrangling a new piece of gear.  It's great that the 
person you're working with is taking initiative.  The person I'm 
working with isn't.

Mark Sottilaro