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Re: ALESIS INEKO/kaoss pad

yes, i usually use my ineko after my digitech rp 100
and then the signal goes into my rack. w/ that set up
i didn't have any problems. bypass works well, but i
could tell that the signal is a bit "hotter" when the
ineko is on, but didn't have any trouble.

as for the kaoss pad, i just finished some demos using
it along w/ the 2 sec delay in my digitech rp100 for
some minimal recordings since my rack is resting in the
basement as i prepare to move my studio--the kaoss pad
is a GREAT TOOL for sound mangling and the sampler is
WAY FUN and easy to just whack out fun sounds! after
doing a bunch of stuff w/ just a 2 sec delay (rp100)
and kaoss pad's 5 sec sampler, i look at my 4 space rack
and wonder if i need it anymore? oh well.....
back to looping (or work)...