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Re: Recent Listenings


In a message dated 8/6/03 12:00:13 AM, improv@peak.org writes:

>>"Undisonus" and "Ineo" 2 orchestral pieces by Terje Rypdal
>What are these like? I was curious about what Rypdal would  
>do with an orchestra...

Terje Rypdal has a number of discs out that feature his orchestral
compositions. Some, like "Q.E.D.," are intense, atonal and strange
to anyone not accustomed to listening to that sort of thing (my
wife for example, who hates even my own music). It also includes 
some searing, ring-modulated electric guitar as part of the package
(yeah baby).

"Undisonus" is strictly orchestral and a little more accessible. It's 
and sort of cinematic in a way -- a slightly chillier, secular Arvo Pärt 
or Henrik Górecki with a little dissonance and angularity thrown in 
(here and there) for melodramatic good measure -- altogether pleasant.

"Ineo" is mostly more of the same with a choral section added to 
the orchestral instruments. I'd say it's the "prettier" of the two
pieces on the disc. Sort of somber and contemplative on a typical 
"Nordic" sort of way. Is that regional profiling?

Another disc, his "Double Concerto/5th Symphony" CD has not
grown on me as much. It's a little too "classical" for me and the
presence of the electric guitar seems artificial and pasted-on
(IMHO) -- a little like some of those albums from the early 70s
that Deep Purple and other groups did with orchestras -- though
a good deal more original and better realized. Rypdal shares guitar
duties on these pieces with another fellow who sounds a little too
much like an ordinary "rock" guitar soloist -- kinda disappointing.

This may seem like harsh criticism or a glib reduction to a sound-
bite-sized description of music which (taken as a whole) is very much 
more. I actually think the world of Rypdal's work. In fact, I wouldn't 
mind being him when I grow up (heheh). His output is amazing and 
quite consistent. But I think a short description is what yer after
anyway, isn't it? 


tEd ® kiLLiAn