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RE: Help finding that special sound...

Title: RE: Help finding that special sound...

>>That's because Eric *did* run his guitar through a Leslie in that section.  I've
always loved that sound and the solo on Badge is, imo, one of the best guitar
solos ever.  That being said, I have absolutely no idea if the Vortex an emulate
a leslie.<<

not i.m.o.; the vortex does some interesting things but not a convincing leslie. there're a few other boxes that do this with varying degrees of success- even an old quadraverb would manage a passable imitation of whirly-speakers, but you might also look at things like the boss se50/70 (my se70 makes the right whooshing noise with the drive turned up, even with nothing going into it), the korg g4 (a great stomp-box leslie, now out-of-production), or the reissue univibe.



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