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Re: Digitech 2120's Looper (was Re: DigiTech DigiDelay pedal--cool!)

Quoting Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net>:

> I had upgraded my 2112 to a 2120 a while ago, but never played with its  
> Looper function much.  Seemed kind of lame.  There was no documentation  
> what so ever about it.  Well, I spent a little time with it a few days  
> ago and it is *great*.  Worthy of a page on the LD site.  10 sec of  
> mono looper with all sorts of cool effects like the ability to pitch  
> shift your loop in real time via the pedal.  Controllable feedback.   
> Yes that's right, you can control the feedback of the loop while your  
> using it.  I was pretty blown away by how good the looper is  
> implemented, yet how bad it seems to be implemented in other Digitech  
> products.  Like the Loopstation or DD-20.  Mostly I get pissed because  
> they seem to think feedback should be 100% on a looper.

Plus, you can have two 10 second loops going, one in the left channel and 
in the right (or two in series if you like).  It is indeed a very nice