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Re: nyc:open loop report

David Beardsley wrote:

>I stopped in at Chama yesterday to drop off fliers
>for my show there on 8/7 and ended up hanging
>out for the evening well beyond the ending of the
>weekly loop fest, aka open loop.
>There were some amazing textures drifting past,
>I really enjoyed myself. Everyone plugged into
>the board and MC Tom Ritchford mixed the results.
>Nobody ever reports to this list about
>open loop. It's been happening weekly for a year and a half,
>but I never hear anything about it from Looper's Delight
>except for MC TR's occasional anoucements.
>It's interesting to note that since Tom (and Chama owner stv jns, who I
>don't think is even on this list, but he always plays) is there pretty 
>every week, they may well be the hardest working loopers in show business.

Sorry for the long delay.

I am very flattered by this review, only the second one we've gotten. 
I fear my forte is playing, not publicity, though I am looking to 
change that quite soon.

Really, the point of this whole exercise is to give loopers a place 
to loop, rather than to generate publicity or sales.  Having a nice 
long weekly gig where I can stretch out and try things I'd never dare 
try in a 50-minute club set is priceless to me and I think to a lot 
of the other regulars there.

Do drop by, any or all of you, if you are in the vicinity on a 
Saturday afternoon!


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