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an observation and question

i have had the mackie srm 450's for a while and have never gotten around 
getting speaker stands.....well let me tell ya! being able to redirect the 
direction of the speakers with just one finger is worth the admission 
alone.....i know this is obvious but im getting older and 
back there was a bit of talk about small rack boxes and some of ya got the 
little "gator" case, now these have a hole on the back in the cover that 
you can 
send most of the wires out to their various places, whats a good way to 
organise this so set up and brakedown is quicker.....im looking at my box 
now and i 
have 10 wires coming out the "little hole in da back", if i disconnect 
all, i could pull them all back into the box or i could????? having that 
lid on 
the box really covers a lot of "sins" in fact, i have a "power strip" 
back there to power the boxes in the box, is this OK?.....i know, that's 2