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Re: 1U mixers?

> If you are mixing stereo sources, the Rane SM82 is hard to beat.

is that the one i always see in music store racks when they're demoing
synths and such? it looks familiar, and i seem to remember it sounding 
i think it might be more than i need for my live rig though. basic setup
would be here:

contact mic, circuit-bent stuff -> mixer -> send(s) -> loopers -> mixer ->

multiple sends would be ideal but i'd be okay with sending everthing to
repeater and just having mofx in the effects loop and vortex in the insert
of the mofx, with possibly some reverb or other on the tail end. i've been
lugging my mackie cfx12 around and using it with decent results but i want 
more portable setup. dragging 2 rack cases through brooklyn a couple of
years ago wasn't my most peaceful moment. one case with enough for pretty
deep looping would be great.

> What instrument? If crunchy guitar, something like the Mesa TriAxis is
really nice.

contact microphone, mostly. i just need something to bring out quiet sounds
without shooting the noise through the roof. i'd be pretty comfy with just
using the circuit-bent stuff at line level, provided there's a decent