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No Subject

Hey Loopingers

Well the time has (finally) come for me to head off stateside with 
Drums of Ireland - we leave on Thursday AM but I've so much to do between
now and then that I'll not have much time to be online.  Kids are being
dispatched today - YAY :)

If anybody is around for any of the gigs listed below, let me know and I'll
see if I can organise tix etc

Different Drums of Ireland material is a mixture of full-fat, high-caffeine
celtic and selected traditional / folk songs from N Ireland. I am bringing
my DL-4 as we had talked about trying some live looping of the instruments
(Split feed from the mics on the uilleann pipe/whistle, bodhran and main 
to a wee folio desk) but we haven't had a chance to rehearse that.  I'll
bring the pedal just in case we get a soundcheck with a decent amount of
free time afterward to check it out.

The band website is at http://www.differentdrums.co.uk .

The dates are:
Al Ringling theatre Baraboo WI (9th),
Studio hall Oshkosh WI (10th),
Lake Superior, Big Top Chautauqua, WI,(13th) and
Calumet theatre, Calumet MI (15th)

These are followed by 5 days at Boulder Junction in contract and creative
discussion regarding a substantial 2005 project.

I'd love to see any of you at a gig and the chance of a beer or a coffee
afterwards or
before is always a distinct possibility.  If you can give me a bit of 
I'll see if I can organise tickets etc if there aren't hundreds of ya LOL.
I'll be able to receive mail intermittently on the road but its best if you
use touring(at)powerhaus.net so I can sort that from the spam.

I was out on the town on Friday with some of the guys from the Afro Celt
Sound System who have just returned from the US so they've me all fired up,
Thursday can't come quickly enough, LOL

Regards all and hope to see some of you this weekend and at the gigs after.

Keep her lit!!

Paul Marshall
Portfolio Sound Artist
NI Facilitator for the Da Capo Foundation
Drumdojo Recommended link For June 2003
Percussion of Persia http://tinyurl.com/ddbg