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Re: Different Drums of Ireland

--- Paul Marshall <paul@powerhaus.net> wrote: 
> Well the time has (finally) come for me to head off
> stateside with Different Drums of Ireland (etc)>

Hi Paul,

Wow, talk about a small world: right after I posted a
description of Elizabeth’s looping rig, she came home
and I mentioned to her that I’d bookmarked the link to
your site so she could check it out. I was downloading
the video clips as I described Different Drums to her,
and how I wished your US gigs weren’t limited to
Wisconsin this time around. Before I’d finished, she
told *me* the story about "The Drum Formerly Known As
Prince" (which I had not yet read at
<http://www.differentdrums.co.uk/ddi.htm>), and then
over dinner told me of the political significance of
having bodhran and lambeg sharing a stage; it turns
out that she joined you at a seisiun at Molly Malone’s
in Portsmouth, NH a couple of years ago, the day after
your Portsmouth Music Hall performance! (She was the
vocalist in Awen at the time, and is a friend of the
Angel Band... She says you might remember her from the
seisiun as the one who sang 'Foggy Dew' "not as a

Best of luck with the tour!


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