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Re: looping up the wall...

> Mr. bIz sent me a private mail about this while I was out of town, and I
> replied without realizing he had also asked about it on the list and
> started this discussion. Here is what I wrote to him, for those

First, I'd like to apologize for my little episode.

Watching those close to me deal with the realities of the current economy
and the San Francisco housing market came to a head last week. To forget
about it, I tried plugging in my rig and tuning out for the night but
instead of losing myself in electronic bliss, I kept losing my synch in
echoplectic fits, so I spent the night scratching my head, fiddling with
cables and knobs and cursing loudly.

With thoughtfulness, logic and not much sleep, I reacted by attacking the
obvious root of the all my problems - the echoplex, the looper's delight
list, Kim and Mathias, my desk, my computer, my waste paper basket and
anything else with reach/field of vision at the time.

Secondly, having kicked the proverbial cat, I would like to take this 
to nominate myself for the Crankiest LD Member Award. I have transfered the
contents of my paypal account to the LD fund as submission fee (no, there
wasn't much in it).

> >
> >Note that this problem is not just an echoplex problem. This is more a
> >laws of time, space, and physics problem.

So if it's not an echoplex problem, that means you can fix it for the next
release, right? :>

Joking aside, I think there are two points for discussion to bring up.

First off is the optimum positioning of an echoplex in a midi-synched
environment. It seems to me, that for maximum stability and versatility, it
needs to be master clock. Good. Now how does this work with sequencers, and
other gear? Especially on stage...

Is anyone sending the EDP clock setting from a sequencer, and then having
the EDP send out the midi clock? How well is this working for you? Anything
we should know about?  I'm going to try setting this up this weekend 

Secondly, and more variably is - how much time do you all spend fiddling
with your gear, versus actually making music? Too much time? Too little
time? Is gear getting in the way of creativity?

Strangely, I don't find my computer doing that at all, but the outboard 
is just a time sink and a half - all those cables and plugs, and presets...

>Once you see it does the sync correction, you can go
> back to overdubbing or feedback or whatever. If you are changing it so
> constantly that you can never do this, then chances are precise sync will
> not be such an issue anyway because whatever drifted out of sync would be
> completely gone or buried within a few repetitions and replaced with
> whatever new material you are playing.

This isn't happening - perhaps I am losing synch too fast with feedback too
high - it only takes 3 or four repetitions of a 10 or so second loop before
the 'jump' takes place, The confusing part is that the synch lights start
flashing 'off' the bar start, even if you stop the sequencer, clear the
echoplex memory and start over. I need to program that Autostart point to a
pedal somewhere...

Again, sorry for making an ass out of myself,