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Re: OT: Sustainiac

I was underwhelmed with my Sustainiac, although I confess I installed 
it on an electric upright bass, so I had no idea what to expect in 
the first place.

It seemed like I had to mount it so close and crank it up so high 
that it would feedback into the magnetic pickup as soon as it started 
doing anything useful, sustain-wise. But now that my bass has shiny 
new optical pickups, I oughta try it again.

-Alex S.

>  > As I recall you were only mildly fond of the results with the 
>>  when you first got it. Or was that just because of all the trouble it 
>>  to install it? I take it you've warmed to it? And is it the Sustainiac 
>>  the Fernandes system that you've got?
>I'd be curious to hear anyone else's opinion on the Sustainiac system as
>well.  I installed one in a cheap Strat copy and its always seemed a lot 
>than I'd like; the sustain comes on kind of slowly and isn't as robust as 
>hoped (I wasn't too thrilled with the response of the Fernandes 
>either fwiw).  I
>know its installed correctly as I eventually sent the guitar in to 
>be looked at
>and it was pronounced 'proper'. 
>What are other Sustainiac users experiences with the system?
>And of course, we all know that these sounds are going to be looped, just 
>keep marginally on topic.